Common Questions for Renters and Tenants

If you’re considering renting a property managed by Cadenza Property Management, there are sure to be some questions in your mind about what renting from one of their managed properties looks like. Given that we value transparency and open communication, we’ve put together a detailed FAQ with answers specific to our management style so you gain a clear understanding of the requirements, process, and general tenant experience by Cadenza Property Management.

Why Rent In the Pacific Northwest?

In General

Renting a property in Seattle or Tacoma has numerous benefits. Not only do you enjoy a much greater peace of mind compared to owning your own property, your financial risk is as minimal as it gets since you aren’t responsible for repairs, maintenance, or emergencies.

Renting is also significantly more affordable up front and this route offers up much more choice when searching for a suitable place to live for your family and your career. For many people, renting is the smarter choice since you have incredible flexibility to change locations, rent for a specific amount of time, or downsize/upsize your living quarters at any time as your lifestyle demands. Opting to rent is also very beneficial for people in transition such as students, immigrants, seasonal workers, and others who require temporary living.

In King County and Pierce County

Seattle and Tacoma are located within King County and Pierce County respectively.

These counties are located roughly 100 miles south of the Canadian border, sit nestled between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, and are part of one of the country’s largest urban centers. The area is incredibly convenient to call home for access to the border, waterways, and unlimited amenities. Pierce County is just south of King County but both have major access to multiple interstates that make these locations incredibly convenient for commuters, road trippers, and those with family in other areas.

In Seattle

There are dozens of reasons why renting in Seattle is a great choice for you, your family, and your career. Seattle is a well-balanced city with a great deal of amenities, institutions, job prospects, and community engagement opportunities.

If you’re a career-focused individual, your move will most likely be determined by career opportunities that come your way. Fortunately, Seattle is full of them.

As of November 2020, Seattle had nearly 120,000 open jobs with a median pay of over $67,000 per year. These stats experienced a 5.5% and 4.4% year-over-year growth from 2019 to 2020, so you’ll be moving into a strong, steadily growing job market no matter your industry. For those in health care, internet/tech, or transportation and logistics, you’ll enjoy particularly strong trends in your sector in Seattle.

For the family- or community-focused renters out there, Seattle has a lot to offer as well.

As a coastal city, you may not expect the lush forests, but the multitude of explorable islands probably won’t come as much of a shock. Seattle is home to multiple national forests, Cascade Mountains, world-famous markets, the Space Needle, Puget Sound for marine life enthusiasts, state parks with activities for the whole family, museums and culture at every turn, and even a “buried city” to explore. Seattle truly has something for everyone, no matter your interests.

No matter which aspect of Seattle appeals to you, renting in Seattle as opposed to another surrounding city has a few benefits as well. Most notably is the high walkability of the city no matter where your rental is located. There are always shops, services, and institutions like schools and clinics close by for convenience. Plus, renting is incredibly convenient for a number of reasons since you won’t have to handle your own repairs, you have 24/7 assistance. Access to shared pools, gyms, and laundry units, no property taxes and lower utility bills on average, no high upfront costs for a down payment, and flexibility in location are all key benefits of choosing to rent in Seattle.

In Tacoma

Tacoma is a smaller urban center compared to Seattle but is fast-growing and full of opportunity.

Tacoma offers the same convenience, entertainment, steady job market, and amenities/institutional access as Seattle but boasts more affordable housing and incredible year-round weather. Tacoma is home to a wide open ocean and spectacular views of Mt. Rainier, making it one of the best places to live for outdoor enthusiasts. The bustling waterfront community gives access to dining, water-based activities, and homes with fantastic views. Tacoma is located between Seattle and Portland, so job opportunities, entertainment options, and access to institutions is one of the city's hallmarks. In Tacoma, you can enjoy all the perks of a major urban center without the home affordability issues in other cities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you hold a house or apartment before I apply?

Unfortunately, we will not hold prior to receiving your application. If you’re interested in a unit managed by Cadenza Property Management, it’s crucial you submit your application as soon as possible to avoid missing out. If you have special circumstances that should be considered with your application for a unit, please let us know as well.

Is the security deposit refundable?

Yes, but with several conditions. The unit must be vacated in the same condition as prior to your tenancy, and the wear and tear of the unit must be considered average based on the length of your tenancy. Any additional damages will be deducted from your security deposit, so it helps you to keep your residence in good condition! If these conditions are met, you will receive your deposit back in full.

Can I have a pet?

While every property is different, most of the properties you consider renting from Cadenza Property Management will allow pets. However, you will be expected to pay an additional security deposit as well as a small “animal rent” for each pet staying on the property. Service animals are exempt from these additional charges and are welcomed at every property. However if a service animal does cause damage, it will be deducted from your security deposit.

Who pays for/handles maintenance and repairs?

The cost of repairs and replacements for all regular wear and tear will be covered by us. In the case of accidental damage, negligence, or extraordinary wear and tear to the property, you will be required to cover the cost of the fix. To illustrate the difference, here’s an example; if one of your oven burners no longer heats, we will arrange a repairman to visit your property and fix the issue. if you stand on the oven door to reach the cabinet above the stove and it breaks off, you will be responsible for the repair.

Other regular maintenance that is handled by us include appliance maintenance, gutter and roof cleanings, plumbing, electrical, and basic landscaping upkeep. If your apartment has a common area, we will maintain that as well.

Do I need a cosigner?

No, we don’t require a cosigner for rentals on our properties. Instead, we will evaluate your credit history, background check, previous rental history, and proof of income. We qualify all individuals separately on a lease, with the exception of income -- which is pooled between all the signers.

What do I do when my lease is up and I'm ready to move out?

When your lease expires, you will be responsible for restoring the unit to its pre-tenancy state. This includes a deep clean of all surfaces, fixtures, and appliances, as well as handling the disposal of trash and other items on the property. You can choose to perform these tasks yourself or hire a professional cleaner to guarantee that the unit is left in an appropriate state upon your departure. You should also make sure that any repairs that are your responsibility are handled before you leave to ensure you’re eligible to receive the refund of your deposit. We will then conduct a move-out inspection of your unit, which you can choose to be present or not, and we will send you documentation if we need to bill against your security deposit. We also will require a forwarding address to return your security deposit. Additionally, please make sure to set up mailing forwarding through USPS and transfer any utilities back to us.

How do I pay rent?

We make it very easy to pay rent on time through our tenant billing platform. We do not accept cheques or cash, and it is your responsibility to become acquainted with our software before the rent is due to avoid any late payment fees. Our software allows for you to automatically pay your rent from your bank account, so it’s hassle free.

When is rent due?

Rent will always be due on or before the first of every month. We recommend submitting your funds before the first to avoid any missed payments due to forgetfulness, a failed internet connection, or any other factor that may prevent you from making a last-minute online deposit. If rent is late, late charges be applied and the late payment will be noted on your record